The Milleniel generation (twenty somethings) often struggle with doubts as part of its identity.  Our mission to reach this generation must address some of these doubts since many unchurched milleniels feel the church does not permit any doubt at all.  Here are 6 points to help address doubts among milleniels.   1)  Doubts can be evidence of the Holy Spirit at work determining if something is Biblical or not.  2)  Doubts can reveal a “tested” faith like Saul left blind for 3 days at Damascus.  3)  Don’t confuse doubt with seeking.  We seek to find and God invites us to seek Him.   Doubt is therefore a tool in the process and  not a destination.  4)  Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith.  (unbelief is the willful choice to not believe after the answer is given).  Doubt can be honest but we are always called to obey.  5)  My doubts don’t have to be your doubts.  6)  The object of faith is a person, Jesus the Messiah, not a proposition.

Jesus took the time to deal with Thomas’ doubts in  John 20:24-31 and Thomas was believed to take the gospel all the way to Great Britain and eventually was martyred for his faith.  I hope these 6 points help your efforts to deal with doubts among milleniels.  If you know of any others please feel free to share.  Shalom.


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