We recently celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles  (Leviticus 23) by camping for eight days at a campground.  When I tell some people that they sometimes wonder, “Oh my goodness, Jesus set us free from all that or don’t go back into legalism…”  But what we experienced besides eating a lot of food, hanging out, and sitting around campfires, was we had worship experiences together with the Creator of the universe in the great outdoors!  It was awesome!  I don’t understand the responses from some though, we live in a culture that celebrates Secretary’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, even pagan holidays, but have been trained that whatever you do, do not celebrate God’s (Yahweh’s) holidays (Holy days)!!  We planned the celebration not really knowing what we were doing and God blessed it as an experience that foreshadows the Millenniel Reign of our King Jesus known in Hebrew as Yeshua!  I will write more on what we did next time.  It is always amazing that whenever we return to God’s Word, He makes our path’s straight!  Thank you Jesus!

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